Are you looking for work or a meaningful everyday activity, but are you unsure on how to get started? 

There are plenty of opportunities within the Malburgen area. Our aim is to act as a bridge between you and these opportunities, keeping in mind your wants and needs, capabilities, and any assistance you might require.  

Take a look at our website for examples of others who have used our services. If any of their stories sound familiar to you, or if you have any questions or concerns, please sign up for a personalized meeting! Together, we’ll figure out the best steps for you to take next. 

Make use of this opportunity to create your own roadmap to working life! 

For questions, please contact our information center by calling 06 – 51 04 34 91 or sending an email to (This information center is run by Malburgs Buurt Banen Bedrijf / Huis vóór de Wijk.) 

“De Route Op Weg Naar Werk” (translation: Your Roadmap To Working Life) is run by Malburgs Buurt Banen Bedrijf and Huis vóór de Wijk in a collaborative effort with Gemeente Arnhem, Sociaal Wijkteam Arnhem, Scalabor, Centrum Activerend Werk and UWV.

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